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A Statement of the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminar

On The Unique Headship
of Christ in The Church

Appeal of the Paper On The Unique Headship of Christ in The Church

Statement From Andrews Seminary in Response to Headship Appeal

The Women's Ordination #WOrdination voted at the 2013 Year-end Meeting referred to in the vote carried last week at the #NADYEM14. If you want to get a better view, and to study the reports done by the Theology of Ordination Committee #TOSC go to


Be inspired as Elder Dean Coridan, President of the Iowa-Missouri Conference, shares the amazing experience that galvanized academy students, church members, and conference officers into an exciting new mission.
Hear about the worldwide impact that local Nepali refugees are having back to their country through cell phones and short-term missions.


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Sunnydale Adventist Academy Board - Dec 7, Sun 11:00 AM
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Martin Luther King Jr. Day - Jan 19, Mon
S.E.E.D.S Church Planting - Jan 23, Fri - Download the Poster Download the Bulletin...
Executive Committee Teleconference - Jan 25, Sun 10:00 AM - Executive Committee Teleconference
Conference Bible Experience - Jan 31, Sat - Conference Bible Experience Location TBD
MO Teachers' In-Service - Feb 9, Mon - MO Teachers' In-Service
SAA Homeleave - Feb 11, Wed 12:00 PM