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Refugee Ministry

Every year millions of people are forced to flee their home countries because of persecution based on race, religion, social group or political opinion. They arrive at refugee camps with no possessions and receive meager assistance. While at the camp, they can apply for legal refugee status. The United Nations then determines where to place them. Annually 3,000 of these refugees resettle in Iowa and Missouri.

God has promised us, in Isaiah 58, that if we give attention to the refugees among us He will pour His Spirit out upon us. Caring for these hurting people is not only a privilege, but it is our duty.

If you would like to contribute to the Iowa-Missouri Refugee Ministry, please download this pledge form and return it in your tithe envelope.

Download the Bulletin Insert version of the Refugee Pledge card in English.

Download the Bulletin Insert version of the Refugee Pledge card in Spanish. 

100% of the contributions will help refugees living in Iowa & Missouri.

We have created a 9 min. video explaining this new Refugee Ministry. You can view and download this short video and the extended 30 min. version at

Refugee Ministry Video - short from Michelle Hansen on Vimeo.

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Be inspired as Elder Dean Coridan, President of the Iowa-Missouri Conference, shares the amazing experience that galvanized academy students, church members, and conference officers into an exciting new mission.
Hear about the worldwide impact that local Nepali refugees are having back to their country through cell phones and short-term missions.


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