Zacchaeus (Zach) the donkey recently visited Des Moines Adventist School for a special worship service. Zach and his owners, Pastor and Mrs. Brown from Oregon, have been traveling to schools throughout the 48 contiguous states to share peacemaking skills with our young people.

Pastor Brown showed us some tricks that Zach had learned, such as his ability to “pan for gold.” Bible verses were added to a basket that Zach would shake like people used to pan for gold. A student then helped retrieve a verse that teaches us how to properly handle conflicts. What a valuable treasure!

After a discussion on peacekeeping skills the students took a quiz, with Zach serving as the judge. As the students answered each question, Zach would push one of two horns indicating whether he thought the answer was right or wrong. Donkeys may be stubborn, but Zach proved they can also be smart as he correctly identified them all.

When the presentation was over, all the students and teachers spent time petting and taking pictures with Zach. It was truly a treat to meet him and the Browns.