The 2022 Iowa-Missouri Conference Women’s Retreat will allow ladies as young as 14-years-of-age and will be offering infant care, for children aged 0-24 months, for the first time.

Iowa-Missouri Conference Women’s Ministries Director Gail Coridan said the Women’s Retreat Committee is excited for these changes. The committee believes these changes will allow for more learning opportunities and interaction between generations.

The Women’s Retreat Committee decided to lower the age requirements in hopes of providing a safe place for young ladies to ask questions and grow spiritually. The committee also said they believe older women can benefit from having younger attendees as it could spark conversation and help bridge generational gaps.

“We are trying to make this new outreach element the most meaningful possible to everybody involved,” Coridan said.

According to Coridan, the committee has always wanted to allow women in different life stages to attend but lacked the resources for mothers of infants. This year, Misty Fender, wife of pastor Jeffrey Fender, has volunteered to organize infant care.

“I remember being a young mother attending retreats, and the help that I received from older ladies,” Coridan said. “I’m grateful for that and I want other parents to have the opportunity to hear some wisdom from other generations by attending retreat.”

Infant care will be available during the Friday evening session, the Sabbath afternoon seminar and Sunday morning seminar. No infants will be allowed in the meeting rooms.

Other new additions to this year’s women’s retreat includes an opportunity to distribute “The Great Controversy” and for attendees to participate in a talent show.

This year’s event will feature three speakers. Gale Jones Murphy, who was the musical guest for last year’s retreat, will be the featured speaker and worship leader. Cheryl Erickson, author of “Missionary Pumpkins,” will be the special guest author. Tui Silafau, Soul-winning and Leadership Training Outreach Coordinator, will be a special guest speaker.

In addition to the three main speakers, other special guests include author and speaker Amy Wrobel and Mid-America Union Women’s Ministries Director Nancy Buxton.

Each year women’s retreat alternates event location between Iowa and Missouri. This year’s retreat will be in Des Moines, Iowa.

“It seems the way to accommodate the most people is to alternate geographically,” Coridan said.

Women’s Retreat will be held at the Airport Holiday Inn at Des Moines on Sept. 16-18. Event registration costs $85 through Aug. 25 and $95 from Aug. 25- Sept. 6. To register, visit

For those unable to attend the event in person, livestreaming of the main program will be available on YouTube and Facebook.