During an Honors Weekend at Camp Heritage last March, Iowa-Missouri Pathfinders and staff sent 106 letters of encouragement to US military personnel serving overseas.

Nothing was known about where the letters ended up until now. Just in time for Christmas, the conference received a response from a US Air Force Master Sergeant currently serving in Kuwait, expressing appreciation for the letters. Here’s an excerpt:

Many troops from all branches of the military fly in and out of here on their way to do their jobs, and others on their way back to the ones they love. I recently asked the chaplain if he had cards or letters that I could post for the troops that move through our terminal to look at—a reminder of why we are here, a way of letting these troops know that they are appreciated.

Over one hundred of the notes came from you. Thank you, Iowa-Missouri Pathfinders. These letters were written back in March, but the message is strong. Chris hopes we are having fun. John calls himself our friend. Wyatt addresses his letter to “Someone Who Matters.” Clarissa says “thank you” with such love I know that it must be real! Brie used five “so’s” to show how deep her gratitude flows: “. . . thank you so so so so so much. . .” Several children mentioned how they were learning or had learned about war in Social Studies. They are proud of their school. Aaron and Humble seem to have an understanding beyond their years. All of the prayers and Scripture quotes are also greatly appreciated—of which the messages from Anthony and Andrew spoke volumes! I am only mentioning a few letters, but rest assured all 106 letters have been read by me and possibly hundreds of others.

It took a while to get your messages to the troops, but your support for our military members reflects favorably on you. I want to thank you for your prayers and well wishes. It is you, your organization, and your support that helps to make this the great nation we call home.