The Three Angels Church in St. Joseph, Missouri recently hosted Financial Peace University, a 9-week course from Dave Ramsey designed to help people get out of debt and manage their finances wisely.

Classes ran from February to April, with seven families participating (three married couples and four singles). The curriculum focuses on seven “baby steps” that help people budget, get out of debt, and save money for the future. During these sessions alone, attendees paid off over $18,000 of non-mortgage debt, cut up many credit cards, and saved over $10,000.

One class member was recently in a car accident and needed to purchase a new car. Ramsey recommends not making any major purchases during the class, but this member needed a car!  She had some money left over from insurance and used it to purchase a car with cash! She has chosen to live like no one else, so later she can live (and give) like no one else!

Financial Peace University is much more than a money management course; it’s a way to change how we steward our finances. For more information visit