On Oct. 10, Thomas Lemon, a general vice president of the General Conference and former president of the Mid-America Union Conference, published a 35-page document entitled “Toward an Understanding of Unity” via OUTLOOK Magazine’s website (the Mid-America Union’s monthly publication).

According to OUTLOOK, the document “explores present-day applications from insights gleaned through a historical analysis of church unity, decision-making techniques and outcomes, policy, submission, and authority and authoritarianism in church leadership.”

It comes a day after the GC Executive Committee voted during their Annual Council to refer back another document, entitled “Procedures for Reconciliation and Adherence in Church Governance: Phase II,” to the Unity in Mission Oversight Committee.

Lemon, who at the time served as chair of the Unity in Mission Oversight Committee, addressed the GC Executive Committee regarding the history of the document that was later voted down. In his remarks he revealed that a majority of the final document had not originated with the Unity in Mission Oversight Committee but had in fact been given to the committee by the GC officers.

Following the release of “Toward an Understanding of Unity” Lemon was removed as chair of the Unity in Mission Oversight Committee.