Thousands of Seventh-day Adventist churches around the world recently participated in the annual 10 Days of Prayer event. This year’s theme was “Seeking a Deeper Experience.”

Brian and I made a commitment to participate last year. Before then, our relationships with Christ in many ways lacked meaning. It was like everything else was taking precedence over communing with Him, and praying was just a ritual. Since then, many changes have taken place in our lives. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, prayer, and the study of His word, God has connected us with wonderful Christian friends and a higher, deeper, broader experience with Him.

Sister White says, “Personal effort for others should be preceded by much secret prayer; for it requires great wisdom to understand the science of saving souls. Before communicating with men, commune with Christ. At the throne of heavenly grace obtain a preparation for ministering to the people” (Prayer, p. 313).