Rhonda Karr, Iowa-Missouri Conference treasurer, was recognized at the 2018 Iowa-Missouri Camp Meeting for 50 years (and counting) of service to the Iowa and Iowa-Missouri conferences.

Rhonda graduated from Union College on June 2, 1968 and went to work for the Iowa Conference the very next morning, staying on when the Iowa and Missouri conferences merged in 1980. Before becoming treasurer in 1998 she served as an administrative assistant for the president, treasury and accounting, and later as associate treasurer.

Several former colleagues wrote letters of appreciation that executive secretary Robert Wagley read aloud from the podium, adding his own thoughts of appreciation. “Rhonda, you’ve made all of us feel blessed in serving Christ together with you,” he said. “Thank you so much.”

Dick Bascom, a layperson who has served on the conference executive committee with Rhonda for many years, also expressed his appreciation. “Rhonda knows the job better than anyone else,” he said. “She always has the best interest of the conference and God’s work at heart.”

Conference president Dean Coridan praised Rhonda for consistently balancing relational and financial considerations. “Rhonda has a unique mix of giftedness,” he said. “She cares for money and for people, and I’ve often seen those things not walk side-by-side.”

A consistent theme that emerged in each person’s remarks was clarification that this recognition was not a call for retirement but rather encouragement for Rhonda to continue the work.

“It’s been a good 50 years,” said Rhonda. “I have had the extreme privilege of working with many wonderful people. I love you all, and it’s a joy to work with you.”

Rhonda was presented with an engraved crystal keepsake to commemorate the milestone, as well as a bouquet of flowers and a card. She received a standing ovation from everyone present.