Sha’ron has been doing Bible studies with my daughter, Jenica, who currently serves as a Bible worker for the Iowa-Missouri Conference.

Sha’ron is excited about what she’s learning and has started sharing information with members of her non-denominational church in Grandview.

As a result, Jenica was invited to preach a sermon at their church a few weeks ago. During the announcement time, Jenica heard the pastor say that they are asking all their members to pray that God would give them understanding of Bible Prophecy.

This is amazing timing because Revelation Today, the It Is Written prophecy seminar with John Bradshaw, begins in Kansas City on March 30. Sha’ron will be giving her pastor and each member of her church a brochure with information about the event. She is also talking with her pastor about the possibility of having me come to do a prophecy seminar at their church, as well as having my wife, Angie, do an Emergency Preparedness seminar.

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