Paul Bernard, head elder for the Waterloo church, is passionate about sharing the gospel. Whether it’s in his interactions on Facebook, handing out copies of the book Steps to Christ, or visiting people in prison—where he has given nearly 300 Bible studies—he’s always telling someone about Jesus. He and his wife, Joanne, always have several personal Bible studies in progress.

Various media mailings in Waterloo and surrounding communities have been personally funded by Paul. He keeps copies of Signs of the Times, pocket tracts and other literature available for customers who frequent his place of business. He directs the church’s Wednesday night Bible studies and, during the pandemic, has been teaching a virtual Sabbath school class.

When the Church Board met to adopt a mission statement, Paul’s was the one selected to represent the church: “We are here to be one in Christ, to bring one to Christ, and to make disciples for Christ.”

Paul’s serious spiritual journey began many years ago when his sister, Beth Carlson, invited him to services and introduced him to the Waterloo church family. He became attracted to the Savior and began studying the Bible, eventually making the decision to be baptized. God blessed him with a friendship with Joanne (then Boyle), and they eventually got married. They celebrated their silver anniversary in June (also their golden—25 years on June 25). We are blessed to have them both.