Pathfinders across the conference recently gathered for their annual Honors Weekend, a time to build friendships, worship together, and study different topics—all while earning patches to for their uniform sashes.

This year’s theme was “Science God’s Way,” so the honors earned were generally from the field of science. Some of the honors earned were Alternative/Renewable Energy; Animal Camouflage; Marine Mammals; Bones, Muscles & Movement; Brain & Behavior; and Heart and Circulation.

Because Honors Weekend is so popular, events were held in three separate locations: Des Moines, Kansas City and at Camp Heritage. The three events together drew well over 300 Pathfinders and staff.

The activities at each location were also built around the science theme, including demonstration of light, magnetism, electricity, motion, Dr. Von Strudel’s bubble device, and heat.

“We had a weekend of beautiful weather, full cabins, and many full classes,” said Diana Thompson, who coordinated the Camp Heritage event. “Everyone earned the Hymnal honor during our Sabbath school time, then later earned one or two more honors from the choices offered. Christa Thompson, graduate of Sunnydale Adventist Academy and Southern Adventist University, our speaker for the weekend, brought us the message that God will shape us just as a master potter oversees the complete process of forming beautiful pots of clay.”

Many thanks go out to the army of volunteers across the Iowa-Missouri Conference who helped bring this weekend to life!