On a recent chilly Sabbath afternoon, the Ottumwa Torches Pathfinder and Adventurer clubs loaded up to make door-to-door visits.

The clubs split into groups—led by Pastor Nathan and Michelle Cranson, Josh Vande Voort, and Daniel and Krishandra Erickson—and started knocking. The kids shared the love of Jesus with each person they met, offering prayers, giving them a flyer with information about the local 3ABN radio station, and leaving them with a sharing book if they wanted one.

Some people were apprehensive, but the response was overall positive. One group encountered someone who was so thankful for the visit they donated $40 to the Pathfinder club, even though the group insisted they were not collecting money. Another group had a lady ask for prayer before they even offered when she heard they were part of a Christian youth group. Josh’s group passed out the most sharing books and were having so much fun they were the last group back to the church.

“This is so cool!” said one of the Pathfinders. “I want to do this every month!”