Beirut, Lebanon, is the heart of Seventh-day Adventist ministry to the Middle East’s over 500 million people.

Since 2014, the Iowa-Missouri Conference has been intricately connected in ministry with Lebanon. Several conference pastors have served there, and several former Sunnydale Academy students have received their college education at Middle East University, an Adventist school in Beirut.

The massive explosion that took place in Beirut on August 4 dealt a devastating blow to a country already struggling. Our brothers and sisters are in great need, and we invite you to consider how you may best do so.

In the video above, I share a little about the situation there. You’ll also hear from Pastor Michael Coridan, a 2019 graduate of Middle East University now serving in St. Louis; Pastor Essam Habib, a former assistant pastor in Beirut now serving in Iowa; and Jared Miller, a former pastor in this conference who is currently serving in Beirut. In the video below, conference president Dean Coridan shares specific needs of our fellow members in Beirut.

How to Give

Please prayerfully consider helping us meet these needs. Here are three ways to give:

  • Write “Lebanon SDA Believers” on a giving envelope at your local (Iowa-Missouri Conference) church and put it in an offering plate.
  • Enter the desired amount for “Lebanon SDA Believers”* under the “Conference/Union” section or your (Iowa-Missouri Conference) church’s online giving envelope (for a link, visit your church’s website or go to and select your church).
  • If your church doesn’t have online giving or you’re not a member of an Iowa-Missouri Conference church, visit and enter the desired amount for “Lebanon SDA Believers”* under the “Conference/Union” section of the online giving envelope.

*If you do not see the “Lebanon SDA Believers” category listed under the “Conference/Union” section of the online giving envelope, click “More Offering Categories” and check the box next to “Lebanon SDA Believers.”