With Christmas just around the corner, NC4Y (New Change For Youth) began praying and asking God how they could celebrate Christmas with each other and their community.

NC4Y wanted to find a way to remind others that they are loved and seen by God. The group was speechless when Advent Health approached NC4Y with an idea.

Advent Health set a goal to gather 400 presents for kids and youth who participated in NC4Y’s Kids Camps this past summer. NC4Y was excited to continue connecting with the 300 children they met during their three Kids Camps of 2021.

With joined efforts, NC4Y, Advent Health and Crossroads Christian Church surpassed the 400 present goal with 453 wrapped Christmas presents. Four pallets full of presents were delivered by a moving truck, and three other vehicles followed packed full of Christmas presents.

On Dec. 18, the NC4Y team shared the Christmas story through a play and music. Both young and old joined together to make this possible.

NC4Y parents, community members and Advent Health employees came and celebrated with the NC4Y group as they acted out the Christmas story.

At the end of the program, Advent Health employees gave each child and teen a Christmas present. Many recipients were filled with both joy and surprise as they received presents. NC4Y team members said their hearts were “filled with gratitude as they witnessed what God had done through so many willing hearts.”

The next day, NC4Y team members delivered remaining gifts to apartment complexes where the group held Kids Camps this past summer.

NC4Y team members said they are extremely grateful to Advent Health. Through this connection, NC4Y believes they have been able to form connections with local children in new ways.


— This story was written by the NC4Y Leadership Team