Tina Moore, Missouri Southeast Pathfinder Area Coordinator, recently made her book, “The Power of Pathfinder Ministry,” available for purchase on Amazon.

Moore became involved in with Pathfinders over 40 years ago. Moore saw God moving in Pathfinders and believed it was an impactful ministry. She has been working with Pathfinders ever since and has started five different Pathfinder clubs in five different cities with little to no monetary support.

Many of the children involved in the Pathfinder clubs Moore started were not part of the Adventist Church. Moore wanted to involve as many community children as possible in an effort to evangelize to the community.

“Having non-Adventist Pathfinder members is a lot different [then having only Adventist Pathfinder members],” Moore said. “You have to make some exceptions in the beginning, overlook some things in the beginning, without compromising your faith, or your doctrine. At the same time, accepting [Pathfinders] where they are, and helping them to grow in a closer relationship with Jesus.”

After starting various clubs, Moore wanted to help other Pathfinder leaders by sharing her personal experiences and successful Pathfinder club methods. Moore wrote her book, “The Power of Pathfinder Ministry,” about 10 years ago.

“I think the biggest reason I can write the book is because I’ve allowed the Holy Spirit to use me,” Moore said. “And I’ve used the information that I’ve gathered over the years to deal with kids in a positive way.”

When Moore first completed her book, she printed 10 copies at her local UPS Store. She handed out physical copies to Pathfinder leaders who were interested. Once Moore handed out the first 10 copies, she printed 10 more, and continued this trend. As interest grew for the book, Moore looked for a more economical way to reach the most amount of people.

“Before, I was only able to hand [my book] out to people I knew or met,” Moore said. “I hope that [by putting it online,] more people outside of my influence could have this resource.”