In Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Sabbath School teacher Linda Tewis has taken Total Member Involvement to heart this summer. Cape Girardeau Seventh-day Adventist Church is spreading joy to Southeast Missouri this summer in the form of painted rocks, something Tewis says was how her small class could put the mission to work in their community.

For them, it means spreading God’s love, which they’re doing one rock and one park at a time. The idea arose when the small class discussed ideas for mission projects. Painted rocks, which have been popular for many years but gained more notice during the pandemic, have become a great way to reach people from all walks of life, regardless of whether they ever come to your church event or service.

The class meets for Bible study on Sabbath mornings at Cape Girardeau Seventh-day Adventist Church and sometimes at Tewis’ residence on Sabbath afternoons to prayerfully paint and brainstorm ideas. The rocks may be found or storebought and are painted with Bible verses, encouraging messages, and pictures of nature. Once dry, church members gather to hide the rocks in public places, such as parks, sidewalks, and playgrounds, for people to find.

The class plans to continue painting rocks and hiding them in public places. They hope to spread joy and love to the community in a fun and unexpected way. In a program at church, members were given painted rocks and challenged to hide and share them in their community. They could keep their rock and tell others about it, give it to someone, or place it in a particular spot in the community to be found.

Tewis says the hope is to “encourage someone to pick up their Bible and study, perhaps get a message they need, and lead someone to seek God.”

If you find a painted rock in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, take a picture and share it on social media with the hashtag #paintedrocks. You can also visit the Cape Girardeau SDA Church Facebook page for information about the Adventist congregation.