Nearly 100 church members from six congregations in southwestern Missouri recently gathered at Stockton Lake to witness the baptisms of Hannah Williams, 12, from the Living Word Adventist Fellowship company in Butler, Missouri; and Kylee Resz, 10, from the Bolivar Church.

Hannah, who is homeschooled, is active in 4-H, piano, and assists the local Adventurer club as well as a local shelter for mothers recovering from drug addiction and their children.

Kylee has devoted her life to God and to music. She sang a beautiful special music prior to the baptism, which she does regularly at church. She belongs to Bible Club at Stockton public schools and is also learning violin and piano.

A fellowship supper was held at the lake shelter house following the baptism to celebrate the girls’ decision to follow Christ.

“God blessed us all with several things including cooler temperatures and the fact that we received no rain despite the 60 percent chance that was forecasted,” said Pastor Abel Hagen, who performed the baptisms. “The best thing, of course, is the decisions these young ladies made to follow Jesus, and their willingness to witness to His example and leading in their hearts has encouraged others, too.”