The Mid-Rivers Church is one special place. Located in St. Peters, Missouri, it is home of many young people. And while some of them don’t attend church regularly, they are ours just the same.

Some time ago we started a fun prayer activity to be more intentional about making sure they feel loved and cared for. We put all their names on refrigerator magnets and gave them out to our members, encouraging them to pray for these kids every time they open their fridge.

That’s a lot of prayer!

We want to be intentional in other ways, too. While attending a St. Louis SEEDS event a few years ago, I heard that people who want their churches to grow should “waste time together.” We’ve taken that to heart and regularly host activities such as a Cardinal baseball day and tailgating, ice skating in the summer, all day park days and vespers, CPR training, and outdoor concerts, movies and vespers.

These events also provide opportunities for evangelism, and our young people take this to heart. It’s often easier to bring a friend to an event than to church, and nearly all our young people bring friends to these events. Lasting bonds are being formed that will lead these friends to Christ and connect them with other ministries in the church.

We have big dreams and concrete plans for our future, including some out-of-the-box ways to serve and meet the needs of our community. Come visit Mid-Rivers to see how we will grow in the next few months.

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