Visitors who stopped by the Lebanon Church’s booth at the recent county fair received free water, balloons for the children, various kinds of literature for all ages, and acts of compassion for those who needed it.

There were also several free drawings for healthy cookbooks, study Bibles, books, an essential oil diffuser, and a hydration pack for those who want to stay hydrated while being active. Information about Adventist Community Services and the local Pathfinder club was also available.

The free water station brought many fair goers to the booth because it was extremely hot, and families were grateful for an opportunity to quench their thirst without having to spend a lot of money. One young lady pushing a baby stroller was obviously overheated. She was welcomed into the tent to sit down, have a drink, and rest by the cooling fan. We learned she had recently moved into the area and was feeling lonely. She bonded with one of the booth volunteers, as they discovered they’d previously lived in the same area and had a lot in common.

As they continued talking, the woman opened up about some struggles she and her family were facing. Her landlord was threatening to evict them if they didn’t get some yard cleanup done around their home. Her husband works long hours at night, and she is expecting another child and not feeling well most of the time. Along with that their mower had not been working.

The following week a crew of 12 church members showed up at their home with lawnmowers, weed eaters, loppers, rakes, gloves and garbage bags. In just a little over an hour the yard was cleaned, mowed, and trimmed and the family was very grateful. They have been invited to attend church and we’re maintaining contact with them.

Many articles of literature were given out and great friendships were made with people in the adjacent booths. Another church borrowed a post driver from one of our members so they could set up their tent. “It’s nice working with you Seventh-day Adventist folk,” he said. “Not everyone carries a post driver around in their car! Thanks for the help.”

It is our prayer that the contacts made, the literature distributed, and the friendships ignited will have eternal rewards one day.