Two years ago, I attended my first Women’s Retreat in Kansas City. On Saturday evening, I hosted a celebration in my room for people with August and September birthdays and met a wonderful group of ladies of all ages. We collectively decided to “adopt” the youngest person in our group, Audrey Reinhart, who was just going off to college. We agreed to send her cards and letters of encouragement so she would know she was and is loved.

I’ve continued to send cards and letters when I can, though I haven’t been as consistent as I’d like to be. I received a letter from Audrey a few weeks before this year’s Women’s Retreat. I am thrilled she still wants to maintain contact and that it means so much to her. I was also able to connect with her at Women’s Retreat, and I am blessed by our friendship.

It is amazing to me how God works, and that so many blessings come from just one connection!