At the beginning of the summer I met with the Men’s Ministry of the Independence Samoan-English Church to see what we could do during the summer to keep us busy. We had just finished up with Reach KC and Revelation Today, an amazing year-long evangelistic campaign with It Is Written in Kansas City, and I wanted the momentum to continue.


We decided to participate in a church softball league. The name of our team was “Heir to the Throne.” We met once a week for practice, always starting with a short worship and ending with prayer.


The league began in June and ended in August. We played with other denominational churches from the community and built some great friendships. Many of our church members would show up for the game to show support, and it turned into evenings of great fellowship.


After our first game, which we lost, we gathered in the center of the playing field and asked the other team to join us in prayer—something we were told no other team had ever done before in the church softball league. We decided to end each game this way. The feedback was awesome as teams commented on our love and sportsmanship.


We played 10 games and only won our last, but the guys never expressed self-pity; they were always positive, joyful and had a good time. It was a great experience and we were very blessed to be part of it.