As churches throughout our conference go through a period of suspended services due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of you may be wondering how to continue faithfully returning your tithes and offerings to the Lord. This is an important question as God is always faithful to His word and it is through giving that we express our love to Him and continue to move His work forward. Hebrews 10:23 (NLT) says: “Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep His promise.”

Many of our churches are already set up to receive tithes and offerings electronically through AdventistGiving. For those already returning tithes and offerings this way, please continue. For those who haven’t used AdventistGiving before, we’ll walk you through it below (or click here to watch a helpful video).

How do I know if my church has AdventistGiving?

Visit your church’s website or contact your church’s treasurer. If your church is signed up, follow the instructions below to begin returning tithes and offerings electronically. If your church isn’t signed up, your church treasurer and pastor can complete an enrollment form and return it to the conference office.

How do I give through AdventistGiving?

Method 1: Visit your church’s website and look for a link to their AdventistGiving account. The link may be labeled “Tithes and Offerings,” “Online Giving,” “AdventistGiving,” or something similar. Please contact your local church with any questions about where this is located on their website.

Method 2: Go to and search for your church.

Method 3: Download the AdventistGiving app from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (Apple) and search for your church.

Whichever of these methods you use, giving through AdventistGiving is easy. The categories (tithe, church budget, etc.) are arranged on a digital giving envelope that looks a lot like the paper one you’re used to. Once there:

1. Enter the desired amounts for each category and click “Continue.”

2. Select one of the following options:

a. “Log in” If you already have an AdventistGiving account and want to keep a record of your giving for tax purposes. Once logged in, select a saved payment method or enter a new payment method (see below) and follow the prompts to complete your giving.

b. “Register” if you do not already have an AdventistGiving account but would like to keep a record of your giving for tax purposes. Once an account is created, follow the prompts to enter a payment method (see below) and complete your giving.

c. “Guest” if you want to give anonymously or do not need a record of your giving for tax purposes. Follow the prompts to enter a payment method (see below) and complete your giving.

Payment Methods

You may give using a credit/debit card or via electronic check. Please note that the fees are significantly lower for the conference if you use an electronic check.

Other options for returning tithes and offerings

My church doesn’t have an AdventistGiving account

If your church doesn’t have an AdventistGiving account and isn’t planning to sign up for one, you can access the conference’s AdventistGiving account at Please note that you will only be able to return tithe and support conference, union and world offerings. You will not be able to support your local church budget or other church-specific categories using this method. Please contact your church for other ways to support local church offerings.

I am unable to give electronically

Please contact your church treasurer to discuss alternative giving methods.

I would like to return tithes and offerings by mail

Check with your local church treasurer for the best mailing address to use during this time (it may or may not be the church’s address).