The Macon Church is praising God in expectation of a high water bill! The church has recently had to fill up their baptistry twice as they invited three new members into fellowship.

Carla Johns has been attending the Macon Church for a while and became acquainted with the church through the ministry of the Better Living Center. She has been a close friend of community services director Linda Bunton and recently went through a Bible study with elder Charlie Pitford in preparation for her baptism. It was a happy day welcoming her fully into the family.

Fletcher and Foster Pride also recently committed their lives to Jesus Christ in baptism, and many visitors and family members came to celebrate their momentous day. We praise God for the work He’s doing in the lives of these young men.

We rejoice each time we have to turn on the water again, and as more and more people are studying we expect to see our water bill continue to rise in the months ahead!