As the new year began, the Hawkeye Church decided to focus more on the concept of time.

Time is fleeting; we have only so much given to us by God. It’s important to make and keep appointments to spend time with Him, and to be on time.

To help maintain this focus, the church has added a time-themed display at the front of the sanctuary. Included in the display is a large hourglass that one member started turning regularly during study and worship periods to serve as a reminder that Jesus’ second coming is fast approaching. Are we ready? Are we committed to doing all we can to prepare?

Each week we are invited to come together, sit with Him and enjoy the bread of His words and the living water He gives us to drink. Are we doing this each day in our homes and our hearts?

We invite you to join with us at the Hawkeye Church each Sabbath as we make the most of our time.