The Hawkeye Church recently celebrated the baptisms of two new members.

Samantha Conrad was baptized during the church’s annual outdoor church service on May 18. Sam is a special young lady who, though she couldn’t see it at the time, can now look back on some tough experiences in her life and see God’s leading and protection. Today she wants to praise God and show her love for Him as she journeys, with her church family, to our home in heaven. Life may not always be easy, but Sam has a heavenly Father carrying her and a church family who supports her as she navigates the road ahead.

Cheyenne Bantz had been regularly attending church with her boyfriend, church member Dein Gosse, for a few years. When Dein asked her to marry him, Cheyenne felt strongly that she wanted to “marry” her Savior before marrying her best friend on earth. She asked Pastor Fender if he would perform the baptism on July 6, the day before her and Dein’s wedding celebration.