The Guthrie Center church recently conducted its first BreathFree2 event, a program that helps smokers who are struggling to quit.

Each BreathFree2 participant receives an interactive workbook, listens to informative presentations from a live facilitator and watches videos from experts, takes part in group discussions and receives support from other smokers who are trying to quit, and is introduced to a variety of healthy snacks. Each participant also ultimately designs their own program, tailored to best suit their specific situation and meet their individual needs.

All four participants of this first event are progressing well. By taking control of personal choices, making incremental behavioral changes, and having group support, better outcomes are realized than when done alone. This program has nine meetings, with follow up gatherings at one month, six months and one year to celebrate progress.

The Guthrie Center church plans to hold additional BreathFree2 events as groups of smokers who want to quit are found. If you’re a smoker in the area who would like to quit, call the church at 641.322.2778, email, or visit