Emily knew she wanted to do this, but she was scared. She hesitated as she lifted her hand to knock on the stranger’s door.

Earlier, when she was at church, the pastor talked about going out into the community and sharing the love of Jesus with other people. Emily knew she wanted to help spread the love of Jesus too. She decided to canvass, go door-to-door and sell books, about Jesus to people.

Now she was standing outside her first door, and she was scared. But she also knew she wanted to do this. She lightly knocked on the door. When the stranger answered, she told them about the books she was selling. The person said they didn’t want any books, so Emily moved on to the next house.

Emily knocked on several doors, hopeful that the people on the other side would want to learn more about Jesus through her books. But everyone who answered their door said they didn’t want a book.

Emily was sad and discouraged. She had faith in God though and knew He would help her. Emily decided to pray and ask God for help.

“Lord, people don’t want to listen to me,” Emily prayed. “Please help people to answer their doors and listen to me so I can share more about You.”

Immediately after Emily prayed, she knocked on her next door. After a few seconds, the door opened, and a very nice woman answered.

The woman asked Emily a lot of questions about her books. After Emily answered her questions, the woman bought not one, but two books from Emily!

As Emily walked away from the house, she knew God heard and answered her prayer. She decided that if God was with her, she would keep knocking on doors. Emily knocked on many doors and was able to meet lots of people and sell them books about Jesus.

Help Emily Get to Her Next House
Help Emily Get to Her Next House