Sunnydale Academy, a Seventh-day Adventist secondary boarding school in Centralia, Missouri, seeks to provide a safe, Christian environment in which students may grow spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically. Through Christ-centered teaching, Sunnydale students learn to choose service as a way of life and to be active church members.

Growing Financial Need

Ten years ago, 47 percent of Sunnydale students had some need for financial assistance. Today, that number has risen to 84 percent. This reality, coupled with increased enrollment and changes in U.S. labor laws that limit on-campus work opportunities for students, led the school to launch a fundraising campaign aimed at addressing this need.

In February 2017, Phase 1 of Funding the Mission of Sunnydale Academy began. The goal: to raise $700,000 in the five remaining months of the 2016-17 school year to meet the current year’s need and to begin funding the following year’s need. By the grace of God this goal was met, and the school is thankful for everyone who participated.

The campaign is currently in Phase 2. This phase has three goals:

  • To once again to raise $700,000. To date, approximately $340,000 in gifts and commitments have been received. The deadline for Phase 2 is June 30.
  • To increase the number of people participating in the campaign from 340 to 1,000. So far in Phase 2, total giving is up 17 percent, with a significant number of gifts being received from first-time givers.
  • To increase the number of donors giving on an automatic or reoccurring basis. Reoccurring gifts add stability to the campaign, reduce campaign costs, and provide more giving opportunities to those who are not able to give larger, one-time gifts. There are 36 people currently taking advantage of this gift-giving plan.

What students are saying

  • I came to Sunnydale thinking it was just another private school. What I’ve discovered is it is a school with a mission. Maybe I should say two missions: 1) The mission of bringing its students closer to Jesus and, 2) The mission of teaching students to proclaim the Gospel. I’m a prime example. I went on the India Mission Trip. I preached. I am closer to Jesus.Sunnydale Student

  • What do I think is great about Sunnydale? People here love you; they’re kind to you and help you with anything you might need.Sunnydale Student

  • Here at Sunnydale I’ve learned that God has a purpose for me. I want to grow and fulfill that purpose.Sunnydale Student

  • Sunnydale has really helped me in my education. Sunnydale teachers never give up on you, and they always want what is best for you. Sunnydale Student

  • I am very thankful for the opportunity Sunnydale gave me to go on a mission trip. It was life changing. Because of the opportunity given me to serve, a fire has been ignited in me to help others.Sunnydale Student

How you can help

Now is a great time to make a gift that will benefit a Sunnydale student. Will you consider either a recurring or one-time gift today?


If you prefer to mail your gift, please send it to:

Student Financial Scholarship Campaign
Sunnydale Academy
6818 Audrain Rd. 9139
Centralia, MO  65240

Learn more about Funding the Mission of Sunnydale Academy