On February 29, Bob and Virginia Flint were baptized together at the Nevada church in Missouri. They are members of Living Word Adventist Fellowship in Butler, Missouri, which started as a branch Sabbath school of the Nevada and Clinton churches in 2012 before becoming a company in 2019.

Virginia (Stevens) was raised Seventh-day Adventist and graduated from Sunnydale Adventist Academy in 1959. She moved to Lynwood, California, where she met and married Bob in 1968. Virginia and their three children attended church together but could not convince Bob to come along. After an accident in 1994 that left Bob unable to work, they moved to Butler to be near Virginia’s family.

When the branch Sabbath school opened, Virginia and her grandson began attending there with her sisters. Bob later joined them, as his health permitted, eventually participating in Bible studies and asking to be baptized. Virginia decided to be re-baptized with him, because, after 52 years of marriage, her prayers had finally been answered. Praise the Lord for His many blessings!