Earlier this month, the Southwest City Spanish Company held a one-week evangelistic campaign. The series featured international speaker and singer Javier Rosales.

Twenty-five community members attended throughout the week. Of these attendees, two decided to join the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Walter, a 17-year-old from Guatemala was invited by his cousin, an Adventist Church member. Walter was recently baptized in a Christian church in Guatemala but was surprised at the differences between the Adventist denomination and the denomination he baptized into.

“The Adventist Church does not speak in tongues, and they meet on Saturday and not on Sunday which seemed very strange to me,” Walter said.

Walter struggled internally with the differences. He spoke with the Southwest City Spanish Company pastor about the Sabbath and other doctrines. After their discussion, Walter decided he wanted to join the church.

“I have come to know the truth and I want to praise God on the right day, and I want to belong to the Adventist Church,” Walter said.

Walter was accepted by profession of faith into the Southwest City Spanish Company.

Another attendee, Yolanda was invited by a church member. Yolanda did not want to attend the series but accepted the invitation so her friend would stop asking her to come.

Yolanda attended several days. Everyday when she would leave the meetings, she thought over the messages she had heard. She started to think about baptism. Yolanda’s husband told her she was crazy, but her daughters said they supported her decision. Yolanda prayed for God to give her a sign to help her make the right decision.

“I opened my bible and the first verse that I found spoke of the Sabbath day and its observance,” Yolanda said.

Yolanda prayed God would give her another sign, and when she opened her Bible, again, God provided her with the specific answer she was looking for. Yolanda was baptized into the church. Now Yolanda’s family attends church with her.

“I hope one day my whole family can feel this joy and happiness that is in my heart for Christ my Lord,” Yolanda said.


—Written by Edgar Martinez, pastor for the Southwest City Spanish Company