The Des Moines Karen Company held an evangelistic reaping event from July 18-21. At the close of the weekend, four new members joined the company, two by baptism and two by profession of faith.

A lot of time in prayer and Bible studies was spent in advance of the reaping event. The Bible study interests were gained through two Bible tracts we launched, one in English and the other in Karen.

Two of the new members are English speakers and two are Karen. Ninety percent of those who participated in studies and came to the reaping event are youth. Now, with help from the conference, we’re working with these young people to see how we can reach out to their parents, and other family members.

There are many Bible studies still taking place and we plan to have another reaping event by the end of November. We’re grateful to the Lord for His wonderful blessings. Please continue to pray for our church. May God bless you all.