The Davenport Church hosted “Pray Big Weekend” featuring guest speakers Rick and Cindy Mercer on Sept. 3 and 4.

The pastor of the Davenport Church Eddie Cabrera and his wife were blessed by reading the Mercer’s book. As they looked around the church, they saw others they believed would benefit from what they had learned, according to Cabrera.

Instead of simply telling members about the book the Cabreras had read, the church invited the Mercers to speak in person.

“We wanted to bring the Mercers in because having someone in person has an impact on people,” Cabrera said.

The first meeting took place Friday evening Sept. 3. The first 50 attendees, grouped as couples or families, each received a copy of the Mercer’s book. Cabrera said the Friday night attendance was good.

“The Mercers said it was probably the best Friday night attendance they had ever seen.” Cabrera said.

Cabrera said the attendance on Saturday was smaller than expected. While Cabrera was disappointed in the lower attendance, Cabrera believes that the event was still very impactful.

“I think the people who were there were very blessed and encouraged,” Cabrera said.

Cabrera said he is thankful to everyone who helped make the weekend possible. The church provided two free meals, one of which was prepared solely by volunteers. The volunteers also handed out event flyers in the local community. This led to a local individual coming to the church in need of prayer. Cabrera prayed with the man and gave him Bible study lessons.

“We had awesome volunteers and I think the Holy Spirit impressed them to step up,” Cabrera said.