We recently shared a list of churches in our conference and throughout North America that are providing Sabbath services online while in-person gatherings are suspended.

But there are other ways people can maintain a sense of normalcy and continue participating in church life while practicing social distancing. Some of our churches have written in to share what they’re doing. We’ve compiled their comments below, and we’ll add others as we hear from more of our churches.

Ankeny and Woodland Hills

We’re maintaining normal church activities as much as possible by using technology like Zoom, a video conferencing app, to conduct Sabbath school and church services, prayer meetings, Bible studies, vespers programs, and even board and ministry meetings.

We’re still publishing a church newsletter and emailing it to members, and we’re encouraging members to reach out to one another over the phone to maintain connections, share joys and concerns, and pray together.

We’re also making sure members know that ministry is still happening, that they can continue to be actively involved in a variety of ways from home, and that they can still support the churches’ ministries financially online through AdventistGiving or by mail.Dick Bascom, elder and church planting coordinator for Woodland Hills

Burlington, Fort Madison and Kahoka

Last week we decided to have an extended Sabbath school by conference call. Members and friends of the church are sad we can’t be together but are enjoying the extra time to connect, share their thoughts about the lesson and have a longer discussion period without the pressure of ending at a certain time.

While it is obviously better to come together physically, it is still a wonderful blessing to be able to chime in together, share with one another as we approach our precious Lord and Savior in worship. Going forward we are adding a regular worship service to the call.Wayland Lively, pastor


We’re using social media to stay connected, provide links to resources for families such as Adventist children’s programs, health ministries and more. We’re looking into using Facebook watch parties to collectively participate in a variety of Adventist media.

We are also praying together at 5:55 each evening and continuing to engage the community in any ways we can, such as mailing Bible study enrollment cards.Gwen Simmons, communication secretary

Des Moines and Jordan Crossing

We are conducting prayer time and Sabbath school on Zoom each Sabbath, and are publishing weekly pre-recorded sermons on YouTube. Depending on how long the pandemic lasts, we’re considering doing an online CREATION Health series and Bible studies.

One of the more interesting things we’re doing is a daily story book reading event on Facebook live.

If anyone would like to join our Zoom meetings, call me at 515-423-4283.Jeremiah Smart, pastor

Des Moines Spanish

The Des Moines Spanish church is live streaming Wednesday prayer meetings, Sabbath school and sermons on Facebook. Search for Iglesia Adventista de Des Moines to join us.Carlos Tamay, pastor

Gladstone and Independence

We’ve started doing weekly prayer meetings and Sabbath school programs via conference call, with a pre-recorded sermon available on YouTube. We’re looking into the possibility of using Facebook to live stream.

Since many people may be asking questions or have a renewed interest in spiritual topics during this global crisis, we are also starting an online prophecy series on April 1 from 7:00 – 8:00 pm. Meetings will continue the next night and each Monday, Wednesday and Thursday throughout April.Bob Joseph, pastor

Iowa City

Last week we live streamed our services, and we ended up having a 90-minute program mostly talking about faith in the time of fear. People texted in during the service to share Bible verses, comments and questions. During and after the program, we heard from people as far away as Florida and California who tuned in. It was a blessing to hear the comments and how it was what they needed in these troubled times.Dale Morrison, lay pastor

Kansas City Central and Clinton Golden Valley

We’ve divided members into teams to help check in on one another for fellowship and to make sure all needs are met, and we’re encouraging each member to check in on their neighbors, friends and family to continue ministering to the needs of those around them.

On Sabbath mornings, each church has individual Sabbath schools at 9:30 via conference call. A combined live streamed worship service then starts at 11:00 on the KCCSDA YouTube channel.Kent Dunwoody, pastor

Kingsville and Lee's Summit

In addition to our online weekly services, we’re conducting prayer meetings by conference call each Wednesday. Elders are also calling members to inquire about their needs, provide any assistance they can, offer encouragement and prayer. Food and printed materials are being delivered to those in need.Alan Harvey, pastor

Let us know what your church is doing to help members stay connected.