Camp Meeting 2023

IGNITE: Set Your Faith Ablaze

June 6-10, 2023
Sunnydale Adventist Academy

2023 Camp Registration Now Open! Click here to register.

We are excited to inform you that Camp Meeting 2023 will be held June 6-10 at Sunnydale Adventist Academy.

The theme for the year is “IGNITE: Set Your Faith Ablaze”.

 If you have any questions please call 515.223.1197 x2100.

  • Bryan Gallant (4 part series): Gold Tried in the FireOffered Thursday 9:00AM and 3:30PM and Friday at 9:00AM and 3:30PM
    • In these last days before the return of Jesus the fires of trial and challenges are heating up. Whether it is death, illness, persecution, or even betrayal our faith is being tested. Come and find ways to ignite your faith amidst the pain as our faithful God walks with us through anything instead of keeping us from the challenges. By His grace we will shine as the gold tried by fire.
  • Hugh Davis (Repeating Seminar): Ignite Your Online Ministry. Offered Thursday 3:30PM and Friday 9:00AM. 
    • Would you say that church is just a few hours of weekly events or a way of life that extends to all 168 hours of the week? It’s time for a revolutionary shift in ministry, as we learn how to connect with people’s souls online. If you’re looking for ways to ignite your church’s evangelism and discipleship efforts, I’d like to show you how to transform your online presence from a mere social media platform to a tool for social ministry.
  • David Lincoln (3 part series): Ignite Your Finances for God.Offered Thursday 3:30PM and Friday 9:00AM and 3:30PM. 
    • Come and learn how to stretch your dollars, save on taxes, and get out of debt.  These principles will help you and your family have a better quality of living and more for God’s cause.
  • Nordia IknerFinding Reliance in the Midst of Conflict, Chaos and Loss. Offered Wednesday 3:30PM. 
    • How to Ignite Youth Faith and Live Victory Amidst Conflict, Chaos and Loss (Emphasis-Women)
  • Joe Ikner: Set Ablaze: Transformation through Intimacy with God. Offered Wednesday 3:30PM 
    • How to Ignite your faith and deepen your walk with God through personal connection.(Emphasis-Men). 
  • Joe Ikner: Set Ablaze: Transformation through the Holy Spirit. Offered Thursday 9:00AM.
    • How to deepen your faith and live victoriously through the power of the Holy Spirit

6818 Audrain Rd 9139
Centralia, MO 65240

Registration opens April 3.