Camp Heritage hired nine second and third generation camp workers for the 2022 summer camp session.

Several of the second and third generation camp staff attended Camp Heritage as campers growing up. These former campers said they had such a positive experience that they knew they wanted to work at Camp Heritage when they were older.

Brock Dye and Brady Dye, 2022 summer camp staff, pose with their mother, Tina Beisker Dye Carner, a previous camp staff.

“I was a camper here for about seven years. I wanted to work here because I enjoyed every summer I was here,” said Brock Dye, camp staff.

Ella Foster never personally attended Camp Heritage as a camper, but her dad always spoke positively of camp. Her dad worked in the maintenance department but told Ella he was still able to positively impact campers. When the opportunity arose for Ella to work at camp, she excitedly applied, hoping to make a difference in campers’ lives. Ella has now worked at camp for two years.

“I’m glad that my dad recommended working here because the camp staff here are really like family. … It’s so much fun. I really like it here,” Ella said.

For brothers Corbin and Devin Schlisner, Camp Heritage has always been an important place for their family because it is where their parents met. The brothers grew up going to a different camp, but when they were old enough to work, they chose to work at Camp Heritage.

“I think the biggest reason why I decided to work at Camp Heritage was the influence my parents had on me by sharing their Camp Heritage experiences with me,” Devin said.

Devin has worked at Camp Heritage for five years and said he loves the spiritual and friendly atmosphere at camp. Corbin has worked at camp for four years and said he appreciates the variety of activities Camp Heritage offers.  Both said they have enjoyed working at camp.

“Camp Heritage is now like a cornerstone in my life,” Corbin said.

Anna Phillips is a third-generation camp staff, both her mother and her grandmother worked at camp. This year, Anna’s grandmother, Millie Greer, served as camp nurse for part of the summer. Anna said she enjoyed having her grandmother at camp and it was fun to be able to work with her. Anna said she plans to continue the family tradition of going to Camp Heritage with her own children one day.

“I want my kids to experience all the things I did,” Anna said.