Earlier this year, the Belton 3 Angels congregation’s status was changed to church. To celebrate this change, church members gathered for a special church service.

Dean Coridan, president, and Rob Alfalah, executive secretary, both spoke during the event. The service opened with a history on the congregation. Coridan then welcomed the congregation as a church to the Iowa-Missouri Conference.

“The Iowa-Missouri Conference is so proud of you guys,” Coridan said during his address. “…Today you will be the newest church in the Iowa-Missouri Conference.”

Later in the service, Alfalah delivered a sermon on loving one another.

Following his sermon, the congregation joined hands and prayed over the church. Members then signed the church’s charter.

“When you sign this charter, you’re committed to praying until [dividing] walls and lines disappear,” Coridan said.

Members celebrated the charter signing with a meal in the fellowship hall.

Belton 3 Angels History

In 2011, three families that attended Kansas City Central SDA Church met together. The families discussed the desire to open a church in the Grandview, Missouri area to spread truth to the community.

Over the next couple months, the families continued to talk about opening a church in the Grandview area. Other families also felt this was an important mission and wanted to see a church in the area.

In July 2011, the families met together to discuss renting a church for services. They all wrote down how much each family could afford to contribute to the rent. With that number, the families searched for a church to rent.

They visited the United Methodist Church and asked if renting was possible. The church said yes and quoted the rent cost as exact amount the families were able to afford.

A few months later, the congregation was accepted into the Central States Conference. After a year, the congregation decided they wanted to join the Iowa-Missouri Conference and in December 2012 became members of the Iowa-Missouri Conference. In 2014, the congregation received company status.

In 2017, the congregation was told they had six months to find another church to rent, as the United Methodist Church no longer wished to rent them their space. Instead of looking for a new church to rent, the congregation looked for a church to buy.

Later that year they closed on a property with a church in Belton, MO, where the congregation meets to this day.