Iowa-Missouri Conference education superintendent Joe Allison presents Andrews Christian Academy principal Julie Olson with a check for the matching grant.
Students at Andrews Christian Academy display Nathan Greene creation story prints provided to the school along with the matching grant.

Andrews Christian Academy, an Adventist elementary school in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, recently became the first Iowa-Missouri Conference school to receive a matching grant designed to aid schools and families with expenses during the coronavirus pandemic.

The grant, which provides $200 per student to any of the conference’s 12 elementary schools that raise the same amount, is funded partly by the conference and partly from the Mid-America Union.

On Sabbath, Oct. 24, I was pleased to present ACA principal Julie Olson with $6,000 in matching funds for their 30 students. The combined funds of $12,000 will go a long way in helping support the school and these students during these challenging times.

I was also pleased to present the school with seven Nathan Greene prints depicting the seven days of creation. The prints were provided by the Hart Institute as part of a division-wide effort to keep the creation story daily before students in Adventist schools throughout North America.