The Ames and Nevada churches in Iowa recently added a joint feature to their worship services called Ministry Minute Spotlight, aka “M & M Spotlight.”

It’s a time set aside during the worship service for sharing news, updates and testimonies about how God is working in our communities. Our goal is to ensure all members feel included and inspired to be active in ministry.

Sometimes when I share about my activities as a Bible Worker, members may have a hard time relating. They may feel that because studying the Bible with people is my job that I’m more “qualified” to do it, but when they hear the testimonies from fellow church members who are doing it, they may find it easier to say to themselves If they can do this, so can I!

So far, we’ve been able to interview people who aren’t yet members but are studying the Bible with us, as well as church members who have been personally participating. Some have shared their personal fears and struggles with evangelism and how God has been able to either turn that around or use it to inspire them in areas where they already excel.

We were recently blessed by Randi Axelsen’s testimony. She is a 28-year-old mom in the Nevada community who we’ve been privileged to study with. Even though it was her first Sabbath attending our church, she had the courage to get up in front of the congregation and share how God delivered her from past addictions and associations. Having attended churches before where no one greeted her or got to know her personally, Randi expressed how thankful she was to find a family church where she and her daughter felt welcomed. Randi is now looking forward to helping others who come from similar experiences as hers find Jesus. She has already started a ministry called Beautifully Broken.