The Iowa-Missouri Conference Student Literature Evangelism, also known as Magabooking, summer program concluded this week in Kansas City.

Over the past seven weeks, participants in the Youth Literature Evangelism canvassing program knocked on about 1,000 doors a day selling Adventist literature, according to Magabook Leader Aadesh Biswa.

This year the team consisted of six students. The number of participants was less than normal because of COVID-19 precautions said Biswa. Participants said they believe the reduced capacity helped them become very close and feel like family.

Participants keep 50% of the money earned from each sale. But participants said they canvass for more than the money.

“You get to see people want to be closer to Christ and that is a great feeling,” said Trystin Thomas, a Student Literature Evangelism participant.

All the participants said they felt like the experience was a positive one. They said the job was difficult at times but overall fulfilling.

“You can get put down [when people reject you], but then there is joy in the times you have great conversations with people,” said Zach Carner, a Student Literature Evangelism participant. “It is just really a life changer.”

One participant, David Gutierrez, has been canvassing for five summers because he said he loves to see change in people’s lives.

This summer, Gutierrez was canvassing at businesses when he met an employee. This employee said it was her last day and that she was praying for someone to show her the truth. David said he was able to provide her with books that helped answered that prayer.

“It was exciting to see that someone was praying for change in their life and for someone to come talk to them,” said Gutierrez.

Another participant also felt that God sent him as an answer to prayer. Gage Spaid was canvassing at houses when he approached an elderly man. When Spaid explained that he was Adventist, the man began to cry from happiness. The man shared that he too was Adventist but had stopped attending church and had given away all of his Adventist literature. The man said he wanted to replace the literature and he bought a copy of every book except the children’s books.

“I think because he got the books he is starting to go back to church,” Spaid said. “[Getting to minister to him] was a really nice experience.