Ladies, as many of you have heard, we recently received word from Elizabeth Talbot, our scheduled retreat speaker, that due to extended NAD travel restrictions as a result of COVID-19, she will be unable to join us in person for our annual women’s retreat. Taking into consideration this change and preliminary feedback from ladies around the conference, we have decided to wait for an in-person retreat until Fall 2021.

This decision has prompted a shift in discussion among the retreat planning committee. We have been pondering new and creative ways to provide a virtual retreat. Some of the possibilities brought up include:

  1. Small Group “Watch Parties” – Local churches or individuals could invite ladies to form small groups to tune into the live-streamed and recorded presentations. This could include viewing (outside/inside: countryside, lakeside, park side, garden side, inside at home or church) the three sermons from Elizabeth Talbot as well as several, short break-out seminars—seminars possibly in different languages. Jesus’ promise is sure: “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I with them” (Matthew 18:20).
  2. Virtual Women’s Choir – Ladies who love to sing or play instruments could participate in a collaborative effort to perform with and for our virtual retreat attendees. As an example, you may remember the NC4Y special music on the Wednesday evening of this year’s virtual camp meeting.
  3. Garden of Prayer – Small groups of ladies could plan to pray together—Thursday, Friday, or Sabbath. All groups could pray on a pre-determined topic/theme or it could be more individualized and customized to each group. KPOG radio in the Des Moines area is willing to include our Thursday prayer times on the 8-hour prayer broadcast Bold2Pray.
  4. Virtual Walk/Run – A playlist of songs and scriptures could be accessed by ladies and used to accompany them on a walk or run. This, like many of these options, could be accessed at any time throughout the weekend.
  5. Live Demonstrations – Live tutorials or pre-recorded demonstrations of crafts or recipes could be presented in an educational, follow-along type format. There are endless options for seminars like this!

It seems the sky is the limit for possibilities this year! Thank you, Jesus, for making a way when there seems to be no way!

We need your input!

Now we need to know if you are at all interested!

As we are considering all options, we are asking for your feedback. Please take a moment to fill out a quick, five-question survey. Time is of the essence, so please submit your survey as soon as possible!

Thank you for joining us in prayer for God’s continued leading. We look forward to the new ways God will provide for us to minister to one another!