On Sept. 2 the Iowa-Missouri Conference Executive Committee voted to postpone the Quinquennial Session scheduled for Sept. 26, 2021.

According to an email sent to pastors and lay leaders by Executive Secretary Robert Wagley, the meeting was postponed due to “concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic,” noting recent case increases in both Iowa and Missouri.

“The [Iowa-Missouri Conference Executive] Committee prayerfully considered all options, and this is what was deemed to be the best decision in the interest of our members and delegates,” the email read.

The conference is allowed to postpone the meeting for up to one year, according to the Iowa-Missouri Constitution and Bylaws. At this time a new date has not yet been selected.

“The Executive Committee will meet and choose a new date for the Session sometime in the future when current spike in contagions has declined and it will be safer to conduct the business of the conference,” the email said.